Whale Watching from Kawaihae

The humpback whale sightings in Kawaihae have really picked up over this last week with multiple pods being sighted every time we sail. With more animals in the area comes more activity, like competition groups, breaching, tail slapping, inflated head lunges, pectoral fin slaps and spy hops. These are the behaviors we always hope to […]

Kohala Sail & Sea Sold !

  Aloha all, Captain Steve here again. In case you haven’t heard, Jessica and I sold Kohala Sail & Sea to new owners this summer, but we are still offering our same excellent and highly rated sailing and whale watching charters from Riva in Kawaihae, on the Kohala Coast of Hawaii Island. We call our […]

Whale Shark Sighted

Whale Sharks are the Largest fish on the planet and are reported to reach a length up to 60 ft and possibly 100 ,000 lbs.Their name can be confusing, Is it a Shark or a Whale? great question, It’s actually a species of shark and like sharks they do not have lungs they have gills […]

Things you should know before you consider swimming with dolphins

Things you should know before you consider swimming with dolphins

Protecting our marine mammals is one of our core beliefs here at Kohala Blue. While “swimming with dolphins” is a big tour attraction, studies show that human interaction like driving your boat through the pod, or jumping in to swim with them, has an adverse impact on Hawaiian spinner dolphins, according to NOAA. If you are […]