Military Ops in your Sanctuary !

Aloha Everyone,
It has suddenly come to our attention that the Military is planning on USING and likely abusing our Kohala coast areas among other coastal areas on Hawaii Island to conduct training next summer, I say to the Navy we don’t want you here in this special area and you need to do it somewhere else!
( Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary waters)
The Navy is accepting your opinion on this by DEC 10 2018 at , or by mail to: Naval Facilities Engineering Command Pacific, Attention: Project Manager, EV21.JZ, 258 Makalapa Drive, Ste 100 Pearl Harbor, HI 96860-313
Here is the Draft Environmental Assessment location address–nepa–information/environmental-assessments-availble-for-public-review.html
Here is a comment made by one of our caring Kohala Residents….Thank you Helen!
“I recommended that for now the “no change” option (see assessment) be adopted, because of the effect on both human and ocean life, and the presence of cultural sites up and down the coast. I would hope the military will reduce rather than increase its presence here, and stay with places already damaged and certainly not a whale sanctuary”.
“Please note that this is not an issue of patriotism or politics, which must be addressed separately.   I do not question the need for training, but I do believe that we must not forget that these pristine and unique spots are not replaceable and are or should be part of what we are protecting.”
Helen Swinney
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