Things you should know before you consider swimming with dolphins

Protecting our marine mammals is one of our core beliefs here at Kohala Blue. While “swimming with dolphins” is a big tour attraction, studies show that human interaction like driving your boat through the pod, or jumping in to swim with them, has an adverse impact on Hawaiian spinner dolphins, according to NOAA. If you are considering taking a tour that offers swimming with dolphins, we encourage you not to participate in this exploitative and harmful practice.

We strive for minimal impact when whale and dolphin watching and do not disrupt the daytime sleep cycle or behavior of spinner dolphins by driving through the pod. We will not leapfrog and stop in front of a moving pod of dolphins or whales and we will never put swimmers in the water to “swim with dolphins“or whales.

Find out more about the effects of swimming with wild spinner dolphins from this article from NOAA Fisheries.

Image courtesy of John Coney
Image courtesy of John Coney

Nick Kern