Whale fluke image courtesy Jennifer Miroslaw


Kohala Blue is dedicated to the protection of the beautiful Hawaiian environment, both above and below the water line. Using sails as our primary power, we are both eco-friendly by burning very little fuel, and fairly quiet to marine life underwater even when we motor. We refuse to operate vessels with the disruptive, disorienting noise of high RPM engine propellers that literally scream underwater and can be heard for miles. We sail when we can and this means running silent in this important acoustical world. We offer compostable utensils, paper cups and reuse our containers.

How We Feel

Capt. Steve and Jessica are avid conservationists who respect and cherish marine life. We fully support the rules about not harassing resting Hawaiian spinner dolphins.  Steve is one of the most skilled humpback whale watch captains around and has spent over 27 years of perfecting the techniques to provide the best possible whale watch without disturbing the natural behaviour of the animals. He is a Certified Marine Mammal Naturalist,works closely with the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, knowledgeable of  the approach regulations Regarding Humpbacks.

And when it comes to our resident Hawaiian spinner dolphin population, we believe a dolphin should never have to breathe our exhaust or get out of our way or be disturbed in their daytime rest cycle by running to close or through the pod.

We pledge to do our best to have the least amount of impact,follow NOAA guidelines and overall to Never Put Dollars Before Dolphins!

A portion of all proceeds supports the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, www.seashepherd.org, a direct-action conservation group known as the "Whale’s Navy.”

Image courtesy of John Coney

Things you should know before you consider swimming with dolphins

Protecting our marine mammals is one of our core beliefs here at Kohala Blue. While “swimming with dolphins” is a big tour attraction, studies show that human interaction like driving your boat through the pod, or jumping in to swim with them, has an adverse impact on Hawaiian spinner dolphins, according to NOAA. If you are […]